The name you know and love that took the swimsuit modeling industry by storm in the early 2000’s!

Where did it go though? Some years back I aquired the domain name bikinimagazine.com and a decision was made to rebrand Florida Bikinis to this name. The thought process was that this premium name could really take my business to another level.

BikiniMagazine really never reached its potential because by that time I was completely burnt out and really needed a break. Then between that burnout, financial difficulties, family deaths, etc it made it really hard to get the motivation to get the ball rolling again.

During my hiatus from swimsuit photography I pursued some other projects that really didn’t give the same sense of fulfillment. I realized I had to get back to what I loved. I also realized that it made no sense to not use the Florida Bikinis name. Its a brand I spent years building and put on the map by shooting with a number of big name models. The Bikini Magazine name just felt too impersonal and didn’t really stand for anything.

As soon as I switched back to Florida Bikinis and started using the Florida Bikinis social media accounts I realized right away I made the right choice. More models have shown interest in shooting with me this week than probably the last year.

The next step is to start doing new shoots which will happen in the near future. Please add Florida Bikinis to the various social media platforms. Links can be found on the top of the site. And thank you for being a fan of Florida Bikinis and get ready for some hot bikini action!

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