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🌞Seeking beautiful girls near or visiting the Jax/Daytona Florida Area !🌞

Please fill out the form below, DM on Instagram @floridabikinis, or email at to set up a shoot!

Are you the next great bikini model? Are you a beautiful girl with a fit body near the Jacksonville/Daytona area? Then I hope to create great photos with you.

I got my start in swimsuit photography about 15 years ago and have been able to shoot with models who have gone on to be the cover model of the Hooters Calendar, WWE Divas, top fitness models and more.

I pride myself in being professional and honest with models unlike so many photographers who are often creepy predators or act like used car salesman and fill girls heads up with lies.

My personal philosophy on the type of models I want to shoot with can be summed up like this. I want to work with young very pretty girls who have class. The type of girl who knows they are hot, willing to wear a bit skimpy bikini, but this is where they draw the line.

Are YOU the Hottest of the Hot πŸ”₯ ?

More info on shooting for Florida Bikinis …

βœ… The highest standards are upheld. Only interested in girls with a high end look. If you make the cut you are then part of an exclusive club. This way it truly means something instead of photographers who will shoot with any skanky girl with big boobs.

βœ… No experience is necessary. All that matters is how good your look is. Models who haven’t done many shoots is actually preferable. I give full posing direction so you really don’t need to know anything.

βœ… No sheer or see through items are used. Things are kept classy and you don’t have to worry about being pressured into showing more skin.

βœ… Shoot will be less than 2 hours. No wasting your time with marathon shoots. 4-5 outfit changes and I plan all the poses ahead of time. Quick and easy.

βœ… You get to use the pictures. You will get Photoshopped pictures which you can use to promote yourself and post on social media.

βœ… Shoots are done either in the South Jacksonville or North Daytona areas. Usually at sunset on weekdays. Models 18-25 with no tattoos preferred and full tan is required.