Ava Cowan Profile

Ava Cowan

As a fitness competitor and bikini model Ava has burst on the scene! She tirelessly works on her 5'4'' 120 body and it has paid off. Her photogenic ability and down to earth personality make her one of my favorite models to shoot.

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Photoset :   Oily Tanktop        Date:    03/16/2007

Sexy fit babe Ava Cowan gets oiled up and shows off her incredible body in this cut up wife beater and tiny lime green thong !

florida bikinis
Photoset :   Denim Hottie        Date:    09/11/2006

Fit beauty Ava Cowan shows off her perfect curvaceous body in this denim thong bikini on a sandy beach !

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Photoset :   Shell Babe        Date:    03/25/2006

Fit Ava plays with a sea shell while showing off her hot bod in a black thong bikini on the wet sand !

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Photoset :   Blue Flowers        Date:    02/12/2006

Ava starts out in skimpy denim shorts then peels them off to reveal her perfect body in this blue flower thong bikini !

florida bikinis
Photoset :   Golden Fantasy        Date:    01/05/2006

Ava works the camera in the late afternoon minutes before darkness as the golden light bathes her perfect physicque and shows her awesome curves !

florida bikinis
Photoset :   Purple Metallic        Date:    10/20/2005

My first set ever with the beautiful Ava Cowan! Beforehand I had not see many pictures of her and didn't know what she truly looked like. But I was in for a very pleasant surprise because she looks great and has a perfect body !

florida bikinis
Photoset :   Flowers Rock        Date:    09/14/2005

See fitness model Ava Cowan get wet and wild as she shows off this floral print bikini by the rocks !

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