In 2004 Florida Bikinis was born! For years though before that becoming a swimsuit photographer was my dream. I took a risk and took the plunge and headed over to Florida to build a new life with whatever could fit in my car.

Swimsuit photography became my life and I would spend countless hours studying posing and the technical aspects of doing photo shoots.

I started doing shoots and gradually got more experienced and polished. Then once some pretty girls shoot with a photographer it snowballs and several pretty girls want to shoot! I tried to keep standards high and ended up shooting with girls that went on to be Hooters Calendar cover girls, WWE Divas, and the Playboy Model of the Year.

My philosophy on swimsuit modeling is to shoot with pretty girls that can portray a somewhat wholesome image and are willing to show some skin but draw the line before nudity. That to me is what makes swimsuit modeling done right so potent because much prettier girls are willing to do it.

I believe in being an independent content producer. Once you start working for other people then it becomes a job and you also lose artistic control. So my focus has always been to run my own site FloridaBikinis.com rather than pursue other opportunities in swimsuit photography.

I don’t want to shoot for clients or sell out for more money. I want to shoot for you real bikini fans and deliver what swimsuit content was meant to be!

My focus is to get Florida Bikinis rolling better than it ever was. More updates, larger pictures, 4k videos. You can help make that happen by supporting Florida Bikinis in various ways like becoming a premium member or donating or even just following and sharing on social media.

Theres a lot of beautiful girls to shoot. Lets make bikinis great again!